Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Art Shelf---------A beginning

Sorry for being absent around these parts for so long.  I have now finished all the enrichment camps that I held at my home this summer.  I have also finished my graduate class.  YAY!!  So I will hopefully have a bit more time to post about the progress I've been making.

I did work in my classroom today and made a lot of progress (the custodian finally moved out all the stuff I wanted out!!!) but forgot to bring my camera.  DOH!

So........I'll share a couple of photos of the art shelf I set up last week.  It's a work in progress.  I prefer a different kind of shelf, but I am grateful for getting this one and am determined to make it work.  It came with some different white baskets that completely filled the openings.  I prefer to have all the materials easy for the children to view and access, so I replaced those baskets with smaller ones and some wooden bowls I've thrifted.  I do think this looks so lovely.  I had a lot of inspiration from my new favorite blog, Fairy Dust Teaching.  You HAVE to go check it out.  Such loveliness!

The empty spaces are for glue and possibly some other things I haven't decided yet.  I really love having all the open baskets for collage materials.  And the jars of crayons and markers sorted by color on top I love too!  I like the idea that this will require the children to sort by color every time they return crayons or markers to the shelf.  I haven't ever displayed the colors like this, so I'm excited to see how it works out.