Monday, September 22, 2014

Apple Math Game

I like to have simple games out on the shelf in my classroom for two children to play together.  Not only does this promote social skills, it can also reinforce academic skills.  A simple way to make a game for young children is to use seasonal stickers in a grid format on cardstock.   Find some objects to match to the stickers, make a die, and you will be ready to go!!  As you can see below, I used apple stickers and apple erasers for my apple math game.  I purchased a blank foam die from our teacher supply store.  I programmed it with 1, 2, and 3 dots per side using a black Sharpie marker.  I found some small ceramic votive holders at the dollar store to hold the erasers.  Placing all the materials in a basket, I added this game to our Toys & Games shelf.

This is a game for two children to play together.  Each child gets a gameboard and a jar of counters.  They take turns rolling the die and placing that number of counters on their board.  The person who finishes filling their stickers first is the winner.  One of my assistants and I modeled playing this game during large group time.  It has been a popular activity in our classroom over the past few weeks.  My littles love playing the "apple game" with a friend.

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