Sunday, October 5, 2014

Mucus Trail

As you know, we are enamored with snails. So enamored, in fact, that we are doing snail art projects now in honor of our class snails.

Credit for this project goes entirely to Mrs. DeNier.  She has been wanting to do a project wherein the littles could create a mucus trail like our real snails make.  She came up with the amazingly awesome idea to make a playdough snail, dip it in glue, and glide it across a piece of paper, leaving behind a "mucus" trail.  The mucus trail is then sprinkled with glitter because, in fact, real mucus trails are a bit iridescent when they dry.  Not kidding. 

In addition to providing construction paper, playdough snail-making supplies, glue and glitter, we gave the littles the option of making a snail for their trail using circles we had punched from construction paper.  They then used markers to add details such as eye stalks and feet (the squishy part of the bottom of the snail that glides along is its foot for those of you who are not up on snail anatomy).   Some littles opted to add their playdough snails as part of their finished project, and this worked great too.

The photos below show a mucus trail project in process as well as some finished artwork.  The last photo shows that we hung our snail trail artwork on the wall above Speedy, Carlo and Ralph.  We're nice that way.  Sharing the snail love!!

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