Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tree Sculptures

As part of our study of Trees with our Creative Curriculum, we made tree sculptures.  This is a really simple art project.  I'm pretty sure I saw it somewhere, probably Pinterest, but I don't have a link for you.  And I did not take photos of the materials or how we structured this activity.  Basically, you need toilet paper rolls for the trunks.  You can have your students paint the trunks, but we chose to have them color with brown markers instead.  We provided pre-cut "crowns" made out of white cardstock.  They used dot markers to add "leaves" to the crowns.  By cutting two adjacent slits in the top of the toilet paper roll, we were able to slide the "crowns" into the trunks and have an upright tree when finished.  These turned out really cute.  I clustered them on top of our sand table to take the photo below.  We then used the photo as a backdrop for Speedy Jones Turbo (and friends).  Currently, our little trees are on display in the hallway outside our classroom, right above our coathooks.

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