Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Art Project

I came up with this project to allow my littles to work on their scissors skills.  That is something that many of them need to work on.  They are more motivated to do this when there is a project involved.  So, I cut strips of green construction paper and had them snip into one long side to make grass.  Next, they used corks dipped into orange paint to make their pumpkins.  We let these dry overnight.  The next day, they used paintbrushes and green paint to add vines and stems to their pumpkins.  I was thrilled that so many of them wanted to try this project.  It's fun to see the individual variations of a "canned" art project.  So many skills can be incorporated into art!  I love it!!  Enjoy our gallery of pumpkin patches.

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